Dark Fantasy Symbols

I finally got around to updating the old Dark Fantasy symbols to CC3 and decided to make them available for free.

Dark Fantasy Symbols - Some Structures

The set contains more than 500 Mountain, Vegetation and Structure symbols, geared towards a slightly “darker” fantasy setting. You can download them from here: Maps and More “Dark Fantasy” Symbol Set.

Simply run the exe file (Windows 7 and Vista users right-click and choose “Run as Admin”) and it will add the symbols to your CC3 installation. See the readme file for instructions how to use them


15 thoughts on “Dark Fantasy Symbols

  1. I highly recommend this symbol set to anyone doing vector graphic mapping with CC2 Pro or CC3. In the days before we switched to raster mapping, this was one of our favorite symbol sets.

    Mark Oliva
    The Vintyri (TM) Project

  2. Hello. I’ve ran into a problem. When i run the file, i get a message about not finding the regadd.bat and regadd.reg in the CC3 folder (the path is correct). I’m running this in Win8. Do you have a solution for this problem?


  3. Hi. Is it okay to use these symbols in a commercial map? Also, do you have any plans to do a raster version? Very nice set, by the way – I’m impressed 🙂

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 Yes, you are free to use the symbols for commercial projects. Perhaps someday I’ll get around to doing a raster version, but there no current plans.

  4. Heya! I was wondering, could you possibly release a version of these for use in Photoshop? I’ve never been a huge fan of CC3’s layout, but these icons would make life so much easier whilst creating my D&D world map. These are absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to use them. Thank you!

  5. Ralf, I need help with this. It seems to have erased all my previous symbols? And I can’t find the black and purple castles.

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