Dungeonslayers – The Free Lands

For the small-press German role-playing game “Dungeonslayers” I created this version of their setting map “The Free Lands” in CC3. While I did that simply as a fan, the author Christian Kennig approached me whether they could offer the map as a download on the Dungeonslayers website (for free) and also sell it as a printed poster map. We quickly agreed on a deal, and the map can now be purchased via their web-shop.

The Free Lands of Caera
Click on the map to load a larger version.

Download the CC3 version of the map (Campaign Cartographer 3 and Annual Vol 5 needed).

3 thoughts on “Dungeonslayers – The Free Lands

  1. The Dungeonslayers map is one of the most beautiful I have seen. Thanks for showing it at high resolution so we can enjoy it. btw, at the top of your page I noticed an image with a map that I didn’t find in your posts. I am talking about the one with the pouch of dice and cards. Did you create that one and if yes, where can I find it?

    • Hi Konstantinos! Thank you for your kind words. The map shown in the banner is the Caera world map I did for Dungeonslayers. It was available for purchase at one point, but I don’t know whether you can still buy it somewhere (can’t find it on the Dungeonslayers Website).

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