Map Commission – The World of Edyn

The World of EdynThis is a map I created for the upcoming novel “Mythborn: Fate of the Sovereign” (Book 1 of the Mythborn Saga) by Vijay Lakshman. The map uses the Fantasy Worlds style by Pär Lindström, published in the Cartographer’s Annual Vol 3 and is optimized for printing at a smaller size.

I had only a very rough draft of the continent, with a number of textual descriptions, and it was fun to create a pleasing map from that information.

Mythborn: Fate of the Sovereign, featuring this world map, will be launched shortly.
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2 thoughts on “Map Commission – The World of Edyn

  1. Ralf, you exceeded yourself on this map. It is awesome and I can’t wait for the launch of my book! Thanks again. I would recommend to anyone to use your services and that of your software again. The results (see for yourself) were spectacular!

    -V. Lakshman

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