Mapping for Ashen Stars

Ashen Starts - The BleedAshen Stars is a wonderful space opera rpg by Pelgrane Press, based on the GUMSHOE system. I had the pleasure to create the game’s published setting map (a part of the Galaxy called “The Bleed”) based on a sketch by Robin D. Laws.

Lately I got to revisit the setting when, after play-testing the upcoming Terra Nova adventure, Simon asked me to create a simple black and white diagram of the adventure’s featured luxury liner. You can see the result below (the color background was added for web display). While the exact layout of the ship isn’t important for the story, the relative position of the important locations is, and the map shows those.

Terra Nova

2 thoughts on “Mapping for Ashen Stars

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  2. Very nice. A flexible system can be extrapolated by ruling that the links shown are the quickest and easiest routes between locations. One node can be bypassed in any journey at a cost of doubling the time taken and a low chance of getting lost. Two links can be bypassed at 3x the normal time to get there and a significantly higher chance of getting lost or stuck.

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