Papercraft: Colonial Outpost

An assembled colonial outpost, waiting for a suitable mission.
Crates and walls in action, serving as cover for a nasty critter.

Over the past few months I’ve been building up a little collection of papercraft models, designing them in Dioramas 3, and building them for my own science fiction games. As it is now large enough to make quite an interesting and useful collection I thought I’d share them here for general use.

Download the pdf papercraft collection Colonial Outpost. Permission is granted to copy, print and assemble these for others to use.

Here I will provide pdf files of the models only. If you are interested in the Campaign Cartographer source files, head over to this thread in the ProFantasy forum. I recommend printing the files to cardstock paper. They are small enough to hold up without additional strengthening. At 100% scale they fit 28-32mm models nicely, but you can simply scale them down if you are playing with smaller (15mm or 6mm) models. I don’t have any assembly instructions, but I hope the photos included in the zip file will make it clear enough. You can see me building the communications tower in time lapse here.

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