Map Commission: Darkonia, Borania and the Ashera Nebula

In my line fo work it’s always interesting and a little surprising if a customer contact doesn’t come via the web or social media, but through more traditional channels. A while ago the regional newspaper ran an interview with me, and shortly thereafter local author Samuel Sommer approached me to create some maps for his books.

He had some pretty good drafts for the maps, a style was quickly chosen and so I got to do two small maps of the fantasy realms of Darkonia and Borania. It’s always a pleasure using Pär Lindström’s Fantasy Worlds style, so I was happy when Matthias chose that style, and we soon came to a result we were both pleased with.

A little later he came back with the commission for a third map, this time for a science fiction novel. Cosmographer 3 has a number of beautiful styles, and I am very fond of its large-scale Galactic map style, which I got to use here, for the Ashera Star Nebula.

Map Commission: Studio Draconis

Zodiac Legion Map

Creating maps for computer games usually pose their own challenges, especially if they must serve tactical or strategic gameplay purposes. In this commission for the game Zodiac Legion by Studio Draconis, the brief was to create about a hundred distinct regions that fan out in four major areas from a central hub.

Regions needed be clearly associated with a terrain as well, and the terrain types were to be fairly evenly spread across the map.

While those conditions make it hard to create a “realistic” looking map in actual geographical terms, the checkerboard effect of terrains still makes for a pleasing variety on the map.

For this map I used the Herwin Wielink overland style in Campaign Cartographer 3+. The shown result is completely done within CC3+, no Photoshop post production involved.