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10 thoughts on “Impressum

  1. Hi Ralf,

    A very long time ago, you had a wonderful map you’d made for one of your friends that you’d published on your old website. It was a whole world map that somewhat resembled Asia/Africa/Europe.

    I have searched high and low, and would love to get a copy of the FCW file from you. I used a similar mock-up for our tabletop game. Do you still happen to have it laying around?

    Please let me know, and happy holidays!


  2. Hi Ralf,

    Is the CC3 extension to the Annual 2007 “Mercator Historical” style still available on line for download? I’ve dusted off my copy of Wizard Kings and was thinking it would be cool to craft some custom maps for it. I really like the look of the reimagined map that you posted on the Profantasy Forum.


  3. It was truly a pleasure to find you website while doing internet research in the area of RPG mapping designs and tools.

  4. Hello Ralf,
    I started watching Critical Role and it peaked my interest in putting my world onto paper so I am looking for someone to design maps for me and was wondering if you would have the time. If not, is there someone you would recommend.
    I’m in no rush to have the map completed and it would be done in stages, so it can be done at your leisure. Start out by the general layout of the continents and then do one continent at a time and only the main natural features. if that make sense.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


  5. Hello Raif!
    Sorry, I do not speak German. A failure of the American educational system. This is a request for a quote. Let me explain the situation. First of all I’d been toying with buying a new computer so I can get and use the Pro Fantasy software. Since I don’t play any kind of games this would be a significant expense. So I thought to explore the idea of someone doing the map for me which I would pay for.
    I am a writer and I am in the process of writing a science fiction novel in which I create a huge world to be explored by a group of characters. However they quickly find there is an underground world in which a number of apparently abandoned cities are interconnected by a rail-type system. The group splits into two groups with one tasked to explore the above ground (this huge planet has two continents connected across the North Pole by a long ribbon of land. The western continent they are on is 50,000 miles long from southern shore to the northern part. The continent is crossed and covered in forest along with mountain ranges thousands of miles long, with very high peaks (think up to 63,500 feet); deep lakes, big rivers and the like. There is limited indigenous habitation on the surface, four small settlements in the far southern regions. To the north of them is forest, mountain ranges and lakes for 45,000 miles. The western continent is totally unexplored but not referenced in this novel. Nor are the oceans. As I mentioned there are underground cities that happen to lie under and in strategic locations. They are interconnected by this vast abandoned railway, thousands of miles long. The exploring parties have a surface map and a series of unknown maps they gradually discover are for the underground rail network and cities.
    If you’ve read any kind of book about a strange or different world the writer includes a map. I knew this and have hand drawn ones. Artist I am not. So I was overjoyed when I found pro fantasy, the maps look great I see from reviews there is a learning curve and I hate to spend the time doing that. Plus I’d have to get a computer with a graphics card, I understand all that. So, I thought, maybe I can find someone who can do the maps for me for a reasonable cost. I am a self-publisher and not some big time author with connections to the big publishing houses. I am doing this all myself.
    If you are interested please keep reading. As I mentioned, I have rough drawings of all of this so it requires no use of your imagination. What do I need? Pro Fantasy maps of the continents (and maybe one of the planet with a lot less detail) and some layout type maps of the abandoned cities and the rail network so readers could follow along on the adventure. As I mentioned, I’ll supply hand drawn copies of all of this. I can give you more details later. When do I need them? I’m hoping to publish around the end of 2019. So you’d have about nine months to complete this project. Please note this is not my first novel and I’ve learned to deal with cover designers, novel formatters and a printer. Why is it important? None of these type people will work with anyone unless they use available stock images or I possess the copyright. So, I need the copyright (after all I am paying for this). Not a right to publish.
    I saw that there is a forum on Pro Fantasy that suggests posting requests like this and they ask for a lot more information including what I’m willing to pay. I’m looking for a ball park quote. I do not know what price maps are made for. I’ve been around the block, so I know if I put an amount someone will say that’s what it costs. While I know rates charged by book cover designers, editors and the like, I’m depending on people being honest with me for making a map.
    On the subject of copyright, they suggested it would be more expensive if I get the copyright. I don’t understand why that is? When I have a book cover designed or an illustration made I am given the copyright, why should this be different? Let us be clear, I do not want this to be available for anyone else’s use. This is my novel and the world is copyrighted (by USA law, it was copyrighted the moment I drew it) by me. This is why I want the copyright. If what I’ve said is plausible let’s work together, otherwise, I thank you for your time.
    I’m not looking for Joe Blow with the software. You appear to be a professional business. That is why I am submitting this to you

  6. Hi there,

    Are you still taking commissions? If so…
    I am looking for some high resolution maps for a hoard of the dragon queen campaign I am setting up on Roll20. I have a lot of standard maps for it but I want high quality town and building maps similar to cave map you made. I am likely looking for 6 maps to start off with. If you are still taking commissions and interested in a project like this let me know!

    • Hello Jason! Yes, I am currently taking commissions. Would you send me an email ( with the details of what you are looking for?

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